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01-Fresh Phone

We are an air freshener manufacturer established in Barcelona, Spain. Since 1994, we have been manufacturing car air fresheners, working with the most prestigious perfume producers.It all started with the FreshPhone back in 1994.We produce with private label (OEM) or Smell & Drive brand.At the moment we export 80% of our products. Especially in Western Europe, our clients are well-known brands such as Carrefour, Norauto, Elf Total, Impex Carlinea, Chollet, Tetrosyl…

All our products are manufactured in Spain under the most strict European Regulations (EC) Nº 1907/2006 (Reach) + Annex II – Europe (Latest amendment Regulation (EC) Nº. 453/2010). We are currently uptading them to meet the CLP 2015 Standards.


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